How to grow and attain ULTIMATE success in life?

How to grow and attain ULTIMATE success in life?

Our schooling system follows the same old teaching tradition and therefore we need to rely on our own metaphorical/spiritual study and analysis to grow ourselves to attain success in life. Many of us often forget that our success in terms of wealth and fame is based on the foundation of our inner maturity; and inner maturity comes from realisation of our true calling of life, deep understanding of our strengths and weaknesses to align our self with higher power or calling of our life.

Recently, I have been trying to understand and explore what I really need to do to attain inner maturity and ultimate success in life. I wanted to share some of my own learning and get to know others view or perception about my findings as well as getting to know their views for growth and success. Here are some important finding or lessons learnt through my current readings and analysis:

Be fearless and confident

Higher power or god is actually this universe which consist of everything inside and outside of us. Everything starting from cells to water to air to galaxy which are part of this universe are representation of higher power or god. Our body is 24X7 synchronized with this universe through our breathing. Therefore, we ourselves are also representation of higher power. Every second we get synchronized with universe and therefore there is god inside each of us too. Most of the time when we want to express our determination or desire on something, one negative part of our brain creates doubt within us and tell us internally that this desire might not happen and therefore we should not express it. But actually this is WRONG. We are representation of higher power who have immense power so how come something will not happen if you desire with fullest of our heart?

Therefore, we should stop doubting ourselves and creating fear for anything or everything ethical we do. Universe is behind our ethical thinking and desire; and we should not doubt on our dream or desire or plan. We should rather speak, do and express our mind without fear.

Enjoy tackling challenges rather than feeling victimize

There was a story that once a man went to an astrologer to ask about his luck. Astrologer said that initial five years of his life will be difficult and therefore he will have to go through different challenges in these five years. Then man ask astrologer “What will happen to him after five years?” and astrologer replied “after five years, you will get used to those challenges”. Our professional growth is more or less reflection of this story. Initially, we believe that our professional journey will be bumpy in the beginning but will become smooth later; but actually after few years or decades of struggling and tackling challenges, we actually get used to it. We become master in tackling those challenges and feel no fear when dealing challenges bigger than what used to be in the beginning of professional journey. Successful icons like Will Gates, Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos etc. are dealing with tougher challenges than us; and the reason that they don’t express their hardship is because they have got used to those challenges while going through their bumpy journey for years. They have become master of tackling challenges.

Steve Jobs once said that entrepreneurship is so hard that any rational person will give-up. When we start our professional journey, we are excited and we only see successful people on the top of our profession. As time passes by, many start feeling like a victim. They start feeling that life is going nowhere and most work or initiative which he or she have chosen are going to fail. The hard reality is that all those top notch of any profession are one who have invested a minimum of 10K to 20K hours before they have reached there. They have gone through bumpy roads and have brushed up their inner skills that they don’t feel any emotion due to failure. This is the stage of maturity when we start enjoying challenges rather than feeling victimize about it. Therefore, we need to spend a minimum of 10-20K hours and brushed up our skills to reach to that stage of inner maturity which will ultimately take us to success.

Stop mind of negativity, criticism and regret

Recently I read a book “The inner game of work” by W. Timothy Gallwey. The book talks about our inner self. It says that each of us have two inner selves. Self 1 which criticize us and create doubt within us and self 2 which actually do the job. Most of us often felt the presence of these two self’s in our mind. Our self 1 often criticize us and create doubt that we are not good enough or we don’t have enough luck or resources and bla bla bla. This self 1 is real killer of our own growth and success. And it is dangerous to carry a killer within our brain all the time.

We should practice to stop this self 1 to work with our 100% potential. We should practice to stop that part of brain which creates negativity, criticism and regret within us.

Be focused

After my graduation, I literally spend eleven long years to understand, what really I want to do with rest of my life. In the last eleven years, I have been jumping from one idea to another without taking anyone to final conclusion. Not being focused has caused me many years of my life. Someone who recognize their true calling of life at early phase of his career, he starts working on it and obtain mastery after a minimum of 10K to 20 hours of practice. Me being not focused and switching from one idea to another has caused me a lot and I am sure many have made similar choices in his or her life which causes them many years of delay with their success.

We should try to understand our true calling of life as soon as we start our professional journey; and align ourselves with that calling for a decade or more to reach to mastery stage which will provide us ultimate success. Therefore focus is the KEY to success.

Genuinely help people around us

When we start our professional journey, we often have mindset of success in terms of wealth and fame. Any act of learning is based primarily on these two factors. We often forget that our ultimate goal in life is to add value to society by helping people or society in general. By and large, our focus should not be generating revenue but rather helping our society through technology or services which makes life easier for people around us and extended. Once we change our mindset to genuinely help our employees or customers or colleague or society, things will start rolling in right direction and we will attain success through success of people around us. Not pretending to help but rather genuinely helping without focusing on revenue will always pay back and pay more than our expectations.


Align with true calling of life


Oprah Winfrey had once a long talk show on “Power of alignment”. I think it’s really important for us to understand our calling of life. Robert Greene have explicitly mentioned in his book “Mastery” on how we can understand our true calling of life. Any profession which we mistakenly chosen, just in lure of economic gain or fame, often leads to failure or disappointment on long run.

Our goal will be to find a profession which gives us inner peace and satisfaction; which we enjoy doing even when we will have no money or fame or anything at all. A profession which will provide us peace and satisfaction on the day we will go out of this world. A professional which we have enjoyed as a child when did not had family or society pressure or expectations. Most of us often choose profession based on parent’s advice and without digging out what actually we really want in our life or what is our calling of life. Therefore, we should understand our inner calling and align our profession along our inner calling to attain ultimate success.

Knowledge and mentorship by reading books

Most of us read books during our study to pass exams and that process of reading get almost stopped after we enter into professional/job journey. After few years along our professional journey, we start feeling plateau in life and that often causes us disappointment or even depression. The only way to avoid feeling plateau in career growth is by continuous expanding of our knowledge. Once we start expanding our knowledge to understand ourselves deeper inside, we never feel plateau but rather feel continuous growth.

Continuous growth of knowledge is only possible by having right mentor in life or reading books. Most of us are not privilege to have right mentor and therefore gaining knowledge by reading books written by someone who have already gone through the path which we have chosen. Analysis and thinking about our inner skills and strength/weaknesses is critical for our growth. So we should continue reading right kinds of books. Remember expecting continuous monetarily growth often leads to disappointment so we should rather focus on continuous knowledge growth and money will follow.

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