Who Save Money for His Own Coffin?

Who Save Money for His Own Coffin?

Most of us are scared of death. Death is the only truth which HAS TO HAPPEN at any cost in everyone life. We often don’t talk about death or plan about our own or anyone else death. It’s always an extreme sad situation and scary thing to discuss. Every time, when our plane gets in strong turbulence or had any severe disease or any accident, we start praying to god to please save us. Please help us to get out of this death threat and let us live.

Last summer, when I was visiting India, I came to know about one of my uncle, who was quite old (approx. 90 years). I was told that he is saving money for his kafan (Hindu version of coffin). I was shocked and surprised to know this. Who in this world will do this? Who will save money and prepare himself for his last ritual? I started thinking, what triggered in him to think in that line and save money for such an incident which we all avoid to even think? Off course, situation will NEVER arise where he has to think about paying for his last ritual.

Today, he finally passed away. He left this world. It was an extremely sad moment. However, this incident gave me another perspective of life. I realized that everyone will have to go away soon or later from this world. No matter, how much we avoid to think or believe in death but that ultimate truth has to prevail. Everyone who has came, has to go. There is no way out. All we can do is that we can try to live a fulfilling life and do what we love to do. Who know, who is going out tomorrow or today or infect now?

All our ambition, passion, ego, determination, and envy, all disappear after this last ritual, so called death. No matter, we are an entrepreneur or cleaner or richest man in the world or whatever, it’s will be all over. He or she does not have to give answer to anyone; and no one can seek any answer from him or her. So, the question was, why do we think so much about our ambition, and dream? Why don’t we live a fulfilling life, which provide us satisfaction? Is someone driving Ferrari, will die in different way than a beggar? If not, then why so much hustling and struggle to get prosperity. If hustling is for helping man-kind at the end then that’s fine but if hustling is to get rich or live luxury life then what for?

I realized that we are born as servant of god. Try to be a great servant and help god in making this world a better place. Do the job assigned by him and be thankful to him? For god, we human-being are pity much same as contestants in Big brother reality tv show (UK TV reality show). He is watching our every moves and instructing us. It’s our call to deal with situations and respond or react. Everyone will be evicted soon or later out of this game. Only difference is that, in this game, there is no winner like Big Brother. So enjoy, have fun and live life with fullest.

Today, I learnt few emotional and hard lessons:

Be truthful to yourself
Don’t be egoistic or arrogant because it’s all going to go after last ritual
Be happy, no matter where you are and whatever you are doing
Game is not over until your last ritual. So, keep hustling if you like to make this world a better place.
Keep helping god to make this world a better place
Play the game with the highest efficiency.
And FINALLY get evicted.


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